Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Paved paradise

I went to Peckham for the first time on Sunday. To go to a carpark. No, not dogging. It was to go to Frank's Café, a pop-up bar on the tenth, top floor of said carpark.

Being very hung over from a 30th birthday party the night before, I was very excited about the prospect of eating at Frank's – I'd heard very good things about the food. Sure enough, when we arrived – eventually, after finding the bloody place – there were huge bowls of amazing-looking food laid out on some of the tables. The only problem was that they were for people who owned local restaurants and the kitchen wasn't open to the general public. Which was annoying. Very annoying. Until we discovered that no one actually knew each other or who was even meant to be eating the food. It was a tasty as it looked.

Despite the great views of east and central London, it's not just a bar up there on the roof. There's also Bold Tendencies III, a sculpture exhibition curated by Hannah Barry.

The bar and exhibition are there until 30th September, if they can't wangle an extension. If you want to pop along, which you should, it's out of Peckham Rye station on the left, over the road, then next to the cinema. The lift only goes up to the 6th floor but you can follow the car ramps up from there.

The toilets, though, along with mobile urinals at festivals, added weight to my argument that god was a man.

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