Saturday, 22 August 2009

Run to the hills

I'm not coping very well today. I've got a hangover. It was mainly down to meeting up with the back-from-Taiwan Natalie et al in the Price George in darkest Hackney (darkest = anywhere not within walking distance of a tube. I'm a lazy Londoner). I've been informed by Marie that I was participating in some quite embarrassing behaviour. I can't really remember but it sounds plausible. Apologies to anyone who happened to be in earshot of what's best described as my oral flatulance.

But that was part two of the night. It kicked off with the launch party of skateshoe company éS and trainer website/shop Crooked Tongues' Foothills collaboration range at Slam City. There was lots of lovely free beer. Well, I say lots but it ran out in just over an hour. But that was just testament to the size of the crowd the event pulled.

It was good to chat to the Slam City and CT crews, who I am gradually getting to know in my attempts to break into the shoe journalism industry (yes, such a thing does exist. And not just in my head).

Here are some (pretty amateurish) pics of the party.

Despite being there from the start, I didn't realise the t-shirts were freebies – we were in a shop that sells, amongst many other goodies, t-shirts – so I was only able to get a large. When I tried it on, perhaps in keeping with the outdoorsy theme of Foothills, it was like a tent. One for the newly retired to Mum and her sewing machine I think.

Talking of photos. Marie and I were papped in one of the commissioned photographs of the night, which has been posted up on Jake's Alley. I feel like Lady Gaga. But with a smaller...

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