Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Let the music play

Fuck Buttons @ Heaven, 27.10.09

ATP Film screening/Les Savy Fav @ The Kentish Town Forum (yes, I'm aware of its new corporate name), 26.10.09

Pixies @ Brixton Academy, 06.10.09

I think I'll stick to writing.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

It kicks like a sleep twitch

"If Ian Curtis had lived till New Order."

It's a statement that could not only be seen by many people as wrong, but is also of dubious taste. And could get an equal number of people quite angry. So that's why it's in speech marks – to show it's a quotation. A quotation from me. But I decided not to actually say it, hence it being a quotation. Still with me? No? Never mind.

In This Light And On This Evening is the new ablum from Editors. And it's brilliant. I've had a soft spot for this band for a long time, and not just because they were spawned from the same city I was. Their previous efforts might have been loved by the Daily Mail (you weren't expecting a link there, were you?), so it's understandable that a switch in style was needed. That's not to say their previous two albums weren't good. Actually, they weren't good, they were so much better than that. Anyway, electronic is the path Tom Smith et all decided to take. I know that 'indie' band (read: bands what use guitars) have been turning to the synth for a while now but Editors have proven that you don't need to be at the forefront of a movement to make it work.

I've been caning it on Spotify, but fully intend to buy the 'deluxe edition' of the album as it comes with an extra disc with additional songs. Oh, and I've got tickets to see them at Brixton in March next year.

This obviously isn't a review. It's just a rambling way to post a link to a great album.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Simpler times...

It's funny how old things crop up in conversation. A while ago I was talking to somebody and Where's Wally was mentioned. That reminded me of something from when I was much younger. I was sure than in a Where's Wally book I had as a young 'un there was a cheeky topless woman hidden on the beach scene page. So I went online to try and find it.

I found the official site, the annoyingly titled 'Find Waldo'. On a side note, I'm not going to get into the whole Wally/Waldo thing, there's plenty of that on t'interwebs, although it doesn't take long for the American to be put in their place (case in point here, in the comments).
Anyway, the beach scene was indeed one of the three scenarios included on the site. Imagine my surprise, though, when I found the woman's bikini top had been redrawn on her, instead of its original place on her towel!

Obviously, this caused me to worry about the memories of my youth that had apparently become quite disturbingly warped. But then I found the original book from 1988 at my parents' house. And my memory had served me 100% completely, absolutely, spot on right. Don't worry, I got a scan:

And, if needed, here's the proof that it's from the book.

Right, now I'm off to rewatch some Disney films to find the supposed hidden porn.