Saturday, 19 September 2009

What's in the box? (See whatcha got)

I received one of those exciting emails from the postroom at work on Friday morning, saying that there was a parcel waiting for me. It was this huge box...

... from skate shoe company Sole Technology's European HQ in the Netherlands.

That information gave away what could be inside. Last month, I wrote about the release of the Crooked Tongues and éS collaboration Foothills range and its launch party at Slam City for (and on here). A few days later, I was emailed by Charlie from CT offering me something from the range to say thanks for the coverage. I asked for a pair of the trainers. And that's what was in the box.

But that wasn't the only thing. Oh no. Also in there was the cap, backpack and jacket from the range. It was an extremely generous gift from Crooked Tongues.

Here's me looking like I'm going to apply for my first ASBO in the jacket. Yes, it's a bit on the large side but, with a price tag of £220, I can definitely live with that. Is it wrong that I really want the temperature to drop so I can wear it (outside of my flat)?

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