Thursday, 17 September 2009

Modern love gets me to the church on time

I went to a wedding on Friday. "What," I hear you cry, "has (another) one of your loser mates managed to trap an unwitting life partner in the eyes of God?" Well, in about a year one will have, but that's another story. No, this wasn't what you could call a "real wedding". It was at Bestival. In an inflatable church. Between Zoe, who's boyfriend, Joe, was absent, and Tom, who, as he pointed out at the start of the service, prefers his partners to be a bit more "male".

I tried my hand at some amateur filmmaking during the service. Here are the videos (there should be three but I filmed the first one with my phone on its side and I can't work out how to rotate the film):

Talking of videos, here's a slightly more professional effort. It's the bonus footage from Debacle, Nike SB's latest skate film. Short and sweet but I love it.

And while I'm on the topic of things I like at the moment. I strongly recommend you give this Resident Advisor podcast a listen. It's Erol Alkan in his Disco 3000 guise. An hour and 20 minutes of great '80s-electro-tinged tunes. I can't find a tracklisting but when/if I do, I'll post it up.

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