Monday, 13 July 2009

No! (more) Sushi

I like working in an office where the newshounds share the invitations they get from PRs to shindigs with everyone. Last week, I took advantage of one such invitation and went to an event at the Yo! Sushi Whiteleys branch. Marie came along for moral support.

The restaurant has recently reopened after a redesign and the designers responsible –Mat Cook from Intro and Philip Watts from his eponymously named company – were there to talk about their inspiration for the new look.

In the talk, until it was cut short by their powerpoint presentation giving up the ghost, Cook and Watts described their research trip to Japan. They travelled around, took photos of anything that moved and everything that didn't, went shopping, ate sushi, did more shopping and ate more sushi. I. Want. That. Job.

I have to admit that my real reason for going – despite having a small obsession with Japan, having never actually been there, I even buy imported Japanese fashion magazines at ridiculous prices – was in anticipation that there would be free food. There was. Lots of it. Too much of it. The conveyor belt was running, being continuously replenished with the finest sushi they had to offer. Marie and I go to Yo! Sushi a lot but the price always stops us going overboard. That was obviously not a concern this time. We both got a bit carried away. Ok, extremely carried away. I've never felt so sick from eating too much. I might give raw fish a wide berth for the time being.

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