Saturday, 25 July 2009

Bugged out

I've just got in from BUG 14 at the BFI Southbank. Curated by David Knight and Phil Tidy, and hosted by Adam Buxton (Adam out of off Adam & Joe), it charts the evolution of music videos.

First off tonight was the long-awaited official video for MGMT's Kids, directed by Ray Tintori and starring folk music's Joanna Newsom. Apparently it's caused quite an uproar in the YouTube community, as can be seen in the comments. Something about scaring a kid for life...

Following on from MGMT was the video for the new Franz Ferdinand song Can't Stop Feeling. Directed by Russell Weekes (who was there), it's such a simple idea but so well done.

The third video was a brilliant too (well, they all were but this one was one of the stand-outs). It was a collaboration between animator Steve Scott and illustrator Will Sweeney for the Justice-produced The Parachute Ending by French hip-hoppers Birdy Nam Nam.

Tonight's guest was Irish animator David OReilly. Conversation focused on his nonsensical, but extremely loud, animation shorts, such as Octocat Aventure. Then shown was his stunning animation for the latest U2 single I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight. I've tried to turn the volume down in the clip but if it hasn't worked, fear not, it's U2 and therefore easy to completely ignore the music, especially with such visual stimulation.

Being a big fan of Sexy Beast and his other music video efforts (Rabbit In Your Headlights anyone?), I was very excited to see a promo directed by the mighty Jonathan Glazer on the bill. This one was for The White Stripes' Jack White and The Kills' Alison Mosshart's supergroup The Dead Weather's song Treat Me Like Your Mother. (Does that sentence have too many apostrophes in it?) I doubt the video is a true reflection of the title's request.

I cannot wait for BUG 15. I haven't taken much notice of music videos recently but I think I have many an hour spent pouring over YouTube ahead of me.

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