Monday, 18 May 2009

Up to 31

Centre Point has always just been one of those really big buildings that's just there and serves no real purpose in my life. That was until last Friday, when it was up to the 31st floor to the Paramount venue for Reverse' Sunrise clubnight.

I was ridiculously excited in the week between getting a ticket and setting foot in that lift. Needless to say the 360 degree views of London at night were pretty amazing.

and enjoyed by all...
View soaked up, as well as several private-members-club-priced drinks, it was dancing time. I have to admit that I'd never heard set by any of the nights DJs but was told several times that Greg Wilson was playing and he's really good. He was.

Around 5 am the sun started to rise. That was also really good. Especially when soundtracked with Take That's Relight My Fire.

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