Tuesday, 12 May 2009


At long last, the vinyl floor has been replaced in my bathroom. No more sticking to the glue that secured the old covering to the (sodden) floor boards.

For those of you who don't know. When my bathroom was originally fitted, the builders decided that sealing, or even tightening, the bath's plug hole wasn't necessary. So, for the whole of last year, whenever anyone had a shower, a large amount of the water was draining down the sides of the plug, onto the floor below and soaking into the wooden boards. I didn't notice because it was under the bath and spreading under the vinyl floor covering. I was also oblivious because the shower screen wasn't sealed properly – which the housing people told me was just because it was cheap and crap, really it also hadn't be sealed properly – so I thought this was the cause of the water that managed to break through to the surface.

Anyway, for over 2 months, the boards have been exposed to the world, taking ages to dry out. I had to peel off all the glue used to stick the vinyl down. Which was fun. It also stank.

It's not quite finished yet though. The boxing and side of the bath needs to be replaced. So that should happen around September then.

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