Monday, 11 May 2009

Like a nun possessed

Sorry posts have been quite slow recently. I've been a busy doing assorted things that I may get round to writing about at some point. But one thing that wasn't slow was me last weekend on the Barnardo's Nun Run.

It was only four miles and I came in 378th out of 1000 runners, clocking a time of 00:50:40. Marie got the exact same time (we did spend much of the race with the balloons tied to the back of our habits tangled together and I was pushing her round the course rest of the time) but was ranked 377th but I'm not bitter or anything.

50 minutes isn't exactly a record-breaking time for 4 miles (nun costume or not) but it wasn't too bad considering there wasn't a roped-off course. We were running through underpasses, over bridges and along the Southbank weaving through herds of bewildered tourists.

My sponsorship total is rising slowly but since it was really a just a bit of fun, I haven't been asking too many people. It's not like I ran the marathon, grew a ridiculous 'tache or anything. If you do want to give some money to the Barnardo's kids, please do at:

There are quite a lot of photos of the run on t'interweb but the official photography was done by Perfect-Timing Photography (which you should be able to see once they've sorted their bandwidth issues). I haven't managed to spot myself yet but if you see runner number 66, that's me. Marie was 68.

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