Thursday, 2 April 2009

Spiro giro

I went here today. Well not actually "here" as in the place in the picture, but "here" as in the Job Centre Plus (plus what?).
As should have been predicted, I needed a lot more paperwork than I was told I would. So I have to go back tomorrow morning. Fantastic. I think I've scraped it all together though. Apart from bank statements. Since going all green, like, I no longer get paper bank statements. So I would have to go and print them off in an internet café. Um... no.

So after all that fun, it was on to the job hunting bit. I got some details of some jobs that looked as if they'd help me make a move into the world of online advertising. But, as Marie pointed out, they're probably telesales jobs. They are. Um... no.

So then I went skateboarding.

(this isn't me)

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