Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Busy Day

Some of you (LOL etc) must have been wondering why my posts have slowed somewhat recently. It's because I've been back at work. Literally back. I have been and will be at Marketing Week again. Only three days since eventually getting the heave-ho, I'm back as a freelancer. I'm there for a total of ten days, which should bring in the same amount as I was making in a month when I was full time. This will obviously leave the rest of the month for other work. Or...

This place opened today. Mile End skatepark. It's only minutes from my flat. Amazing. And it will be even better when I'm actually good enough to use any of the obstacles (or whatever they're called), apart from rolling up and down the bump bits.

Also today, Weartested, a super-comprehensive skateshoe review site, was updated with a breakdown of the Adidas Campus Vulc. I helped out with this by checking over the words – the guy who writes it is German. But his English is probably better than mine. Check it out.

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